Accredited Garage Scheme

The Exhausts Direct Garage Accreditation scheme is a Klarius initiative to improve UK independent garage’s ability to deliver emission control product expertise, with the aim of supporting services and increasing sales of emission control products.

The scheme offers access to professional training, signage and marketing support all designed to boost customer confidence in finding an independent garage to solve Exhaust, CAT and DPF related issues.

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IMI Training

As part of becoming a Klarius accredited emissions centre, your technicians are eligible for inclusion on the Klarius Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) Emissions Training programme.

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Promotional Items

As a Klarius accredited garage, you are entitled to a number of exclusive promotional marketing materials to boost customer and technician exposure towards all things emission control.

As part of the Exhausts Direct Garage Accreditation scheme, what do I get?

Every accredited garage receives a welcome pack that includes an overview document with further promotional items such as:

  • Accreditation certificate
  • CAT diagnostic wall poster
  • DPF diagnostic wall poster
  • Diagnostic desk pads
  • Durable Klarius outdoor emissions signage

As an approved member of the scheme, independent garages also gain access to a number of exclusive benefits and opportunities from Klarius:

  • Access to IMI approved emissions technician training programme
  • Live technical support
  • Inclusion into the approved garages directory on Exhausts-Direct
  • A live google maps pin denoting the exact location of your business
  • Further local marketing support

How do I apply to become a Klarius approved emissions centre?

Any garage can apply to become an approved centre. To qualify however, garages must be able to demonstrate a minimum existing service level. This assessment will take the form of an on-site visit by a Klarius representative. Typically accepted garages will:

  • Employ only trained mechanics
  • Maintain a positive outlook towards improving the business
  • Offer a friendly non-discriminatory service
  • Maintain a basic level of cleanliness
  • Provide a customer waiting area
  • Offer amenities such as public toilets
  • Focus on providing optimum solutions with overall quality as the primary concern

To get in touch and arrange a visit, please contact the Klarius customer service team at

Why is inclusion on Exhausts Direct important for my business?

Exhausts Direct offers motorists the chance to select an emission repair or replacement from a premium garage, which offers components that will maintain or enhance the performance and efficiency characteristics of their vehicle. As a member garage, you will join these premium service providers.

The website also functions as a reference for motorists, helping them to make preliminary decisions regarding their emissions component failure. General advice and failure mode explanation is offered, allowing motorists to explore what could be causing, excessive smoke, noise, warning lights and other vehicle issues.

Users can then search via postcode for the approved garage nearest to them in the Exhaust Direct directory, which offers individual profiles that include all relevant contact information, media concerning the garage, website links and an overview of the garage’s expertise. Site optimisation ensures a prominent position on search engines, driving further enquiries concerning exhausts, CATs and DPFs to your business.

You will also get an opportunity to partake in IMI accredited emissions control training, an initiative to further inform technicians on exhausts, CATs, DPFs and additive systems.

Klarius IMI Accredited Emissions Control Training

As an approved Klarius garage, your technicians are eligible to receive IMI emissions training, which offers a recognised industry qualification to those who complete the 4 module Level 1 course. The training offers technicians the chance to refresh their knowledge on the new developments in emissions components, failure modes and governing legislation.

Courses are held around the country throughout the year, with the course lasting 2 days. To find out the nearest training location to you, please e-mail

The IMI, the professional institute for technicians working in the motor industry, provides IMI accreditation for educational courses to increase knowledge and quality within the industry, which is closely aligned with Klarius’ proviso of providing education and quality.