Klarius Aftermarket Exhausts

Klarius exhausts are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and are designed to suit specific marques, models and production years of vehicles. Our state-of-the-art research and development facilities; manufacturing centre and rigorous testing practices enable us to manufacture aftermarket exhausts that excel in application. Our entire exhaust range is designed to achieve or exceed the performance and efficiency levels of the equivalent OE part.


Developed to excel

Our dedicated emissions R&D department develops exhausts that seamlessly integrate with an intended vehicle. Applicable test vehicles and relevant blueprints are consulted when originating a new aftermarket exhaust, ensuring that our product will perform exactly as expected. Components are designed and released to market to service the full automotive passenger vehicle spectrum, offering unparalleled choice to customers.



Where applicable, all Klarius exhausts are type-approved, the minimum quality benchmark for aftermarket emissions components in the EU. This guarantees a product of correct design and performance. Klarius doesn’t stop there. Components are also fit tested to real world vehicles to ensure optimum fit.

Due to these distinct quality benchmarks, Klarius supplies a full 2 year warranty and ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee for all exhausts in range.



Klarius exhausts are expertly produced at the business’ headquarters in Cheadle, Staffordshire. Automated production lines and highly experienced engineers ensure the quality of every individual product, whether it is an exhaust pipe, muffler, CAT, DPF or a full assembly.

Innovative features include the use of aluminised steel, which offers the strength of steel but the corrosion protection of aluminium, combine this with the use of stainless steel welding rods and you have a product that is designed for prolonged road use.



Rather than simply focus on supporting popular applications, Klarius actively develops products for older vehicles and niche models. With a full range of over 10,000 individual products, Klarius exhausts service:

  • City cars & superminis
  • Saloons & hatchbacks
  • MPVs & compacts
  • SUVs & 4x4s
  • Sports cars & coupes
  • Classic cars
  • Light commercials