Mounting Kits


Get the perfect fitment

To complement our range of high quality emissions components, Klarius also offers mounting kits for every device in our range. Like the rest of our emissions control range, we manufacture mountings to OEM quality levels, which will ensure that components fit intended vehicles perfectly. This reduces the time to repair, and saves modifying the under carriage to accommodate parts. We recommend that new mountings are installed every time a new exhaust, catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter is fitted – which will deliver the longest service life possible. We will also often correct faults with OEM designs that only become obvious after extended road use.


Accessories for all requirements

Klarius mountings are available in durable metal or heat resistant rubber material options, with each kit specifically designed for vehicles of corresponding make and model. Brackets, fasteners, clamps, gaskets and clips are all available in range – ensuring you can complement an OE quality emissions component with the appropriate mountings to ensure the utmost reliability.


A faster fit

A superior quality emissions component should always fit the mounting options of the intended vehicle, avoiding the need for garage technicians to fabricate or modify the underside of the vehicle. This reduces the time for repairs, while also preserving margin for the garage. With a fit tested emissions component and correct mounting components it can be fitted by technicians quickly, with the finished result perfectly integrated with the rest of the vehicle.


New exhaust = New mountings

Fitting a new emissions component with old mountings will lead to a reduced service life, so we always recommend replacing mountings along with the exhaust. This minimises the risks associated with corrosion and fatigue, which during prolonged road use can become prevalent. Klarius mountings are also a fraction of the price of the OE replacement, but with identical quality attributes, making them a cost effective choice for any vehicle.