Fit First Time

Our guarantee

Every Klarius exhaust, catalytic converter (CAT) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) is delivered with a ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee as standard. This means that every one of our components is designed and tested to fit specific vehicle marques, models and production years – offering seamless integration when installed on a vehicle. We can even provide all the fittings and mountings you’ll need within the range, so don’t forget to ask for them when making your order!

Fit Testing

When we originate a new product, we ensure that it matches OE specification. Part of this process involves fit testing components to real world vehicles, where we ensure that our aftermarket product will fit exactly to a vehicle with no modification. Fitting first time helps garages to protect profit margins on a job by minimising the amount of time a vehicles sits on the ramp. It also means customers are kept happy thanks to swift reliable turnaround times.

Protect performance

An emissions component that doesn’t fit properly or doesn’t have the correct back pressure [they are out there – from other manufacturers] can greatly damage the efficiency and performance of a vehicle. In most cases, a vehicle fitted with such a component will also fail the emissions segment of the M.O.T test, resulting in the vehicle being declared unroadworthy until the component is replaced and the vehicle re-tested. Klarius measures back pressure and fit tests every emissions device to avoid this situation happening with our products.


Fittings and mountings

Achieving perfect fitment isn’t just about the design of the device, mountings are just as important. Klarius offers OE quality fitting kits for all of its aftermarket emissions products, incorporating clamps, brackets, clips and fasteners in either durable metal or heat resistant rubber materials. This ensures that the durability of your exhaust, CAT, DPF or pipes are preserved by using secure fittings and gaskets to deliver long-term reliability and performance.

Klarius087 UK vehicles are illegal if not fitted with type-approved exhausts

Save time on the ramp

Car designs, even for the same model, develop over time as they are manufactured and the range expanded. That is why Klarius fits components to specific makes and model years, so that we can guarantee the part will perfectly suit a vehicle. This means our products will never require modification or additional fabrication to fit a customer vehicle. The result is a speedy repair, allowing technicians to deliver improved service and work with greater efficiency.