Catalytic Converters (CATs)

Klarius produces a huge range of premium CATs for vehicles old and new, with a focus on providing optimum solutions to fit certain marques, models and production years. Every component is supplied with a 2 year warranty and a ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee as standard.

The entire Klarius Products CAT range is type-approved to EU legislative standards, certificated by an independent regulator, and each CAT carries a unique type-approval number to prove this certification. In addition, all CATs are fit tested to applicable vehicles, as well as being certified for emissions levels to standards set by organisations such as the VCA and TÜV. This ensures a reliable product that guarantees vehicle performance, emissions and fuel efficiency characteristics are maintained.

What is a CAT?

CATs act as flow-through devices, funnelling exhaust gases through a monolith, prompting a reaction which cleanses the exhaust gas stream. They contain an internal strata and utilise precious metals (ideally a mix of rhodium, platinum and palladium) to neutralise Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons produced during combustion.

The component plays a key role in ensuring the environmental performance of a vehicle, and are a focal point in the battle to improve air quality for combustion vehicles.

What is the law on CATs?

Fitting a type-approved catalyst to vehicles from 2001 onwards become mandatory by law in the UK during 2009. The aim of this legislation is to effectively decrease levels of harmful NOx released into the atmosphere by the increasing number of cars on British roads.

Legislation also states that it is illegal to supply non-type approved CATs aimed at vehicles which have been registered after the 1st March 2001.

Vehicles failing to achieve these standards will be certified as un-roadworthy by assessors, with vehicle owners then required to source a viable type-approved replacement and repeat the MOT test. Selecting a type-approved component from a premium manufacturer such as Klarius can help to avoid this costly and time-consuming situation.

Why do I need a type-approved CAT?

Fitting a Klarius type-approved CAT not only ensures the utmost reliability in application, but also total conformance with regards to directives set in place for protecting the environment.

Beyond a certain threshold, if a CAT is priced much lower than a Klarius example then it is likely that the product is non type-approved. This reduced price is usually achieved via cutting corners in CAT manufacturing, usually across multiple sections of the device.

One of the most common is the inadequate application of precious metal coating on the CAT monolith. As this wash is expensive – inferior manufacturers typically apply low quantities to minimise manufacturing costs. This approach greatly reduces the effectiveness of the device, compromising the quality of reaction within the CAT. As a result, the amount of harmful gases released from the exhaust system is greatly increased.

By selecting a catalyst that is type-approved or offers OEM standards of performance, motorists can avoid dash warning lights and failing the emissions test that forms a crucial part of the MOT.

Choosing a type-approved part also ensures that your vehicle is wholly compliant for driving in Europe, where roadside tests are carried out to ensure compliance.

See the Klarius web catalogue for our full range of type-approved CATs.