Type approval

What is type approval?

In the words of the Vehicle Standards Agency (VCA), type approval provides ‘confirmation that production and samples of a design will meet specified performance standards’. For emissions components this encompasses noise, emissions and balanced back pressure, which have a strong influence on maintaining engine performance (power), and fuel efficiency. Type approval ensures that an aftermarket component will reach, or exceed the performance standard of the corresponding OE part.

Type-approval then, is a certain guarantee that an end user will receive a product of OE equivalent performance attributes.

A minimum benchmark

Every applicable exhaust, diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter in the Klarius emissions control range is type-approved. We regard this legislation as a minimum benchmark of quality, and denotes our components as premium items.

Choosing a type-approved replacement emissions component means that the part adheres to EU legislative standards. The product is therefore compliant for use throughout Europe. This certification is governed by a third-party approval authority, for example in the UK this is the VCA, or in Germany, the TÜV.

Why choose type-approved?

If you choose to purchase a component that is not type-approved, apart from being illegal in many situations – in most cases it will also be inferior to the certified alternative. Installing such a product on a vehicle can result in M.O.T emissions and noise test failure, damage to the vehicle’s engine after prolonged use and premature component failure. All are potentially costly outcomes.

For example, DPFs that are not type-approved can display a reduced internal monolith compared to OE. This means the device fills with soot quicker than a type-approved alternative with an appropriately sized monolith. Type approval helps purchasers to avoid selecting these inadequate parts, which will offer reduced service life.

Type approval in the UK

While type approval is mandatory for exhausts, CATs and DPFs in the EU, in the UK exhausts are exempt from certification. It is currently illegal to sell non-type approved CATs for vehicles that were registered after the 1st March 2001 – or if fitted from new, while all Euro 5 and most Euro 4 DPFs must be type-approved to be legally compliant. In the UK it is not currently illegal to fit a non-type approved exhaust, but fitting such a part to a vehicle that is under warranty could void it. It will also be illegal if driven abroad.

Going the extra mile

While we type-approve all applicable components, Klarius aims to go beyond. We utilise the latest production techniques, material choices and rigorous multi-stage testing to offer products that excel beyond basic certifications.