Test Track

Independent testing

At Klarius, we pride ourselves on being able to independently verify the quality of our products to regulatory legislation. A major part of this approach is our specialist on-site drive-by noise test track, where we assess our products to the standards defined by regulatory bodies such as the VCA. Here we can accurately ascertain the noise and emissions levels of all our components, allowing us to offer distributors, technicians and motorists truly compliant products.

A technical approach

Every exhaust, catalytic converter (CAT) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the Klarius range is tested on track at company headquarters in Cheadle, Staffordshire. This independent verification capability means we can make guarantees as to the noise levels of our components, therefore we can offer a solution for vehicles that will perform exactly as expected. By selecting a Klarius product, you are specifying a proven, independently verified component.

Integrated Facilities, Faster Response

Our test track is built to the most stringent standards, featuring specialist tarmac so that instrument readings are as accurate as possible. Furthermore, we hold the full range of testing equipment on-site to gauge emissions and overall noise. Testing is carried out by accredited professionals, who engage in testing emissions components on a daily basis as part of development work. Whether you are buying a performance exhaust for a sports car, or an OE equivalent for a commercial van, you are guaranteed acceptable noise levels and the preservation of environmental credentials.

By operating our testing facilities on-site, we can bring our products to market faster. As a result, we can respond faster than most suppliers to demand in the aftermarket. Products are originated, tested, verified and manufactured on the same site – offering a linear methodology which results in reduced lead times and greater assurances regarding product quality and consistency.