Delivering emissions quality…

Our Garage Accreditation Scheme

In order to qualify garages must:

  • Deliver quality in service
  • Demonstrate high technical competency
  • Operate a clean site
  • Provide a waiting area and public toilets
  • Employ only trained mechanics

Benefits for garages:

  • IMI Accredited training for technicians
  • Telephone technical support with emissions specialists
  • Public website to drive traffic towards participating garages
  • Increased exhaust, CAT and DPF business

You have the opportunity to improve knowledge and signage at no additional cost, while having the confidence that you are supplying a quality product purchased at a good price that has been supplied quickly and reliably.

Training modules

The full complement of training modules includes:

Phase 1

Foundation module’ knowledge base.

Phase 2

‘Expert module’ knowledge base.

Phase 3

Professional Update module’ course.

Validation of the training includes:

  • Check marking structure
  • Ongoing validation / observation
  • IMI Accredited certificate
  • CPD points qualification
  • Part of an apprenticeship program

Accredited garage pack

This includes everything the garage needs to get involved:

  • Brochure
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Certificates
  • Website
  • Access to technical support

Key Contacts

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