Klarius’ manufacturing plant is able to produce over 2 million exhausts, catalytic converters (CATs) and DPFs for road cars every year.



At Klarius, we pride ourselves on providing high-end training and an unmatched garage accreditation scheme, in collaboration with he IMI.



We believe our warranty provides the reassurance that you are receiving a high quality part that adheres to or exceeds OE component performance.


Type Approval

Type approval provides ‘confirmation that production and samples of a design meet specified OE performance standards’

Quality standards both in terms of manufacturing, materials, and product design are of paramount importance to the company. Klarius is one of the few manufacturers to gain full type approval for its replacement exhaust, catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter products.

With manufacturing, developing, testing and manufacturing automotive components for the automotive aftermarket, quality is ingrained in everything that Klarius does.

Consistently meeting OE quality standards, performance demands and production schedules means that Klarius has the flexibility to manufacture short-runs of components economically for the aftermarket and also low-volume orders for specific model or stock requirements.

Consistency and quality are key aspects of OE equivalent product supply, as are our logistics operations. Our factory is geared up to take advantage of JIT and KANBAN systems to make production as efficient as possible. This has a positive knock-on effect on quality, where efficient manufacturing systems, including quality checks and inspections mean that our product when shipped to the customer is as consistent and accurate as possible.

We manufacture in accordance with strict ISO 9001:2015 and BS standards.

Our products are independently tested to achieve individual design Type-Approved status by respected bodies such as the VCA and TÜV.

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